Brew Gipse
The use of essential oils in aromatherapy is my passion because it  treats the whole body emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Using science and the pure essence of a plant we can relieve many daily stressors. By inhaling essential oils we experience physical and psychological benefits. The aroma or sense of smell (olfaction) of natural oils triggers the olfactory epithelium, sending signals to the limbic system. Often when we smell something, it  brings back memories which are associated to the object. For instance, when I walk past a rose bush the scent triggers memories of my grandmother. Pre-made inhalers are in stock and ready for shipping. I take pride in using high quality essential oils which are highly concentrated. 

1hr Personalized Session (FaceTime or at office): Includes initial client history, two customized inhalers blended just for you, three oil samples, and my personal Mountain Hand Cream. You will learn how to correctly use aromatherapy, where to apply your oils and how to dilute them. 


Prior to our session, a client information sheet will be emailed to you. Please complete it allowing  the entire 60 minutes to be focused on only you! 

NOTE: Synthetic oils do not provide the same benefits so they are not used in my aromatherapy sessions.