Brew Gipse

Welcome! You found me~  Seriously excited to have you join me on my journey using essential oils and  homemade brews! My birth name is Loretta Jo. My Grandfather Wark named me. I believe it was shortened to Lori Jo during my early childhood as my parents found it too long and difficult to  call out,  Loretta Jo! Today, it is simply, Lori.


A couple of years ago my oldest daughter introduced me to essential oils. I had a skin lesion on my forearm. After applying 1 drop of frankincense to it I suddenly felt a warm sensation, like the oil was running down my arm. As I rubbed my hand over the top of it…the lesion wiped off…GONE! That was over 2 years ago…the lesion has never returned.
My love and attraction for essentials oils began at that moment. We witnessed a simple solution within minutes that removed the lesion without a surgical approach and no pain.
Since then I began making all my own lotions, creams, deodorants and illness potions. Over the counter bottles or boxes no longer live in my home.
Looking back at my childhood I was blessed living literally across the ditch from my maternal grandparents. They were German and Grandma was a healer. She applied mustard plasters to our congested chests. Flax seed polices to wounds and pulled a cure out of her bag for every ailment. Essential oils may have awakened that trait in myself.
Join me in a journey of the wonderful mystical journey of aromatherapy!


  • To promote education to my followers on essential oils and aromatherapy
  • To awaken individuals to a whole new understanding and paradigm of how and why to use essential oils
  • To increase awareness of natural products that work for daily healthcare
  • To offer professional support on questions using essential oils